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We would like to thank all our donors for their support of The Shimian


Jane Chen

Jonathan E. Smith

John Peakman

Anthony Etherington

Robbie Etherington

Mark Graham

Olivia James

Kelly Such

H. Chapman

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*Only people who have purchased a perk that includes "Name In Credits" will appear on the wall. You can also donate anonymously if you prefer.*

Stacie Jennings

Kyle Simms

Lijun Chen

Graham Earle

David Westwood

Paul Fielding

Alex Clinch

Steven Millan

Roberto Luo

Jack Grainger (JAG-Yam-Yam Media)

Jeremy Woods

Philip Hutchings


Diana Roor

William Malkames

Pauline Burns

Tracy Austwick

Nathan Growler

Diane Such

Belinda Murray

Kate Southall

Bryan Gillson

Emma Slater

Valdemar Stenlund

Michael Baker

Steve Jakab

Justin Buzzard

Keith Horan

Emma Reynolds

Gordon Hunt

Aileen Sun

Yuwen Chen

Daniel Williams

Lou Ryrie

Ian Reed

Jiaming Zhang

Rosa Butler

Jorgie Simpson

Japes Jones

James Page

Laney Simpson

Shelby Knapp

Rachel Lancaster

Avery Guerra

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