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An Interview With A Shimian

Starting a series of cast interviews about the project is Jonjo Tweddle who plays The Shimian.

Q: What is The Shimian character? A: Without giving too much away, it’s something that is released into this world and haunts the woods that were formally owned by Lady Blatty (see short film of The Shimian which the feature story was developed from). How he’s released and his motives…you’ll have to see the film to find out.

Q: How did you get involved with this project? A: I was involved from early days from a conversation with the director. I’ve known James for years so when he messaged to ask would I play the Shimian, I was straight in.

Q: What was the process of becoming The Shimian? A: A painful long make up session! Haha, I first had to get measured up for the costume material to be ordered. At 6’10 finding suitable Shimian attire isn’t easy, but Fee managed to get it sorted. Then Raff and Rik of the make up team had to do a complete make up test on me before shooting began. On set it was 4 hours in the make up chair each time, not including taking all the make up and prosthetics off.

Q: What was the experience of working on “The Shimian” like? A: Was fun once we got out the cold nights! For the outdoor shoots we had a make up tent but it was still freezing because I couldn’t move around. I was stuck in this makeup chair having prosthetic make up added to me. Indoors though it was fine, had a good chat with Raff and Rik as they made me up.

Q: Any favourite memories from the set? A: Every time they removed the hand prosthetic so I could pee again was a good time. Seriously though, It was a good laugh, meet some great people, everyone put in the effort and looking forward to seeing the final result.

You can see Jonjo in action as The Shimian at the movie's premiere on the 29th September 18:30 at Millennium Point Birmingham. Tickets:

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