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Interview With Margot Lin Who Plays Claire.

Continuing with our series of cast interviews is Margot Lin who plays Claire.

Q: Who is Claire? What can you tell us about her character? A: Claire is a naughty girl in disguise of innocent obedient asian teenager. She’s very sweet though and cares a lot about the environment and the people around her, and always tries her best to support them.

Q:How did you get involved with the project? A:I was spotted on StarNow and approached for an audition. I sent an audition tape to James and after a zoom meeting with him I got this part. I feel like it was pure luck because I learnt afterwards many people applied for this role.

Q: How did you approach playing Claire? Was there any aspects of her character that were challenging? A:I read through the whole script first to get a complete grasp on the story, then broke down every scene Claire was in to know what does she contributes to the story, what's her relationship like with other characters and what does she think of other people and what do they think of her? I think the most challenging part of performing Claire was when she's frightened and starts arguing with the others, because shooting this film was a great fun and I needed to constantly remind myself to be more scared.

Q: What was the experience of working on “The Shimian” like? A: It was great. I went to a lot of beautiful places with our lovely Shimian team and got a handful of useful love tips from them It might look horrifying on screen, but I promise the filming process was the opposite.

Q: Any favourite memories from the set? A: Ah there were so many of them I can't pick one. I actually kinda miss the day when we were doing the camping scene and the cast were gathered together with blankets wrapped around them like a group of penguins. Also the day when Robin (the assistant director) gave me a massive hug because I was feeling low for personal reasons, he was so kind.

You can see Margot as Claire at the movie's premiere on the 29th September 18:30 at Millennium Point Birmingham. Tickets:

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