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The Shimian Premieres!!

On the 29th September guests from around the UK got to see "The Shimian" in all its glory at the world premiere held at Millennium Point in Birmingham.

The event started with a red carpet walk followed by the customary photo in front of the premiere backdrop, before entering the venue for drinks and networking with other guests.

Around 19:45, Julian (the MC for the evening) invited guests into the auditorium and once everyone was seated, introduced the movie to be viewed for the first time.

There was laughter in the right places and people jumping out of their seats with one guest jumping so much they spilt wine on the person sitting next to them (oops). At times the audience was deadly silent, but everyone remained fixated on the giant screen.

When the Virtues song "Virtues (Don't Drag Yourself Down)" kicked in and the end credits began to roll, (to the filmmaker's relief) the film was met with a loud round of applause. Then began the lighthearted Q&A with Julian once again acting as host. The four principle cast members and the director took to the stage to answer audience questions which were asked through a catchbox, adding that extra little element of fun to the proceedings.

Following the Q&A it was back down to the bar for more group photos and celebratory drinks which went on well into the night.

On behalf of Bader Media Entertainment CIC we want to thank everyone who attended "The Shimian" premiere and made the night so special. We would also like to thank the staff at Millennium Point for being such great hosts and Steven George-Hilley of Centropy PR for sponsoring the event.

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