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"A family take a camping trip into the forest to celebrate a birthday and fix their strained relationships, but their celebrations are cut short when they learn something unearthly is hunting them."

Set in the UK, the story follows Tony, his wife to be Sarah, his daughter Emma and her school friend Claire as they take a camping trip into the mysterious " Sleepless forest." The family have a strained relationship which they'll have to quickly overcome if they have any chance of escaping their assailant from another world.


"The Shimian" is a supernatural horror feature film taking influence from films such as JAWS, DUEL, JEEPERS CREEPERS, PREDATOR, IT and THE SHINING.


The original concept came from a short 3 minute long film (of the same name) which was released in 2021, and after some very positive feedback on the finished film it was decided to expand the concept into a full length feature. 


"The Shimian" is written and directed by James Peakman and produced by West Midlands based production company


the film
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